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The biggest reasons why people are overweight are mistakes in nutrition and lifestyle. Especially in the western world too many people are used to eat big quantities of fast food and live a lazy but stressful life without positive attitude and enough sleep.

You can help your fat loss project with taking advantage of thermic effects of food, exercise, getting rid of any unnecessary stress and sleeping enough.

1. Food 

The thermic effect of food  is the caloric of digesting and processing macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats).

The body needs protein to repair and maintain itself, because every cell contains protein. So, it is a building material. The more you use your muscles the bigger is need for protein. Remember, protein surplus may be stored as fat to your body. Because protein has a thermic effect of five times greater than carbs and fats, it is a clever idea to eat some protein in every meal (5-6 times a day).

Your body uses carbohydrates (carbs) to make glucose which is the fuel that gives you energy and helps keep everything going. If you live a lazy life, you do not need much energy. Keep your fast carbs (high glycemic index: sugar, white flours, sodas etc) low. Concentrate on vegetables (especially green ones).

Fat is a major source of energy and aids your body in absorbing vitamins. It's important for proper growth, development and keeping you healthy. You get enough fat in your protein foods (meat, fish, broiler, turkey, milk products). So stay out of visible fat, especially trans fats. Note! It is important to add some omega-3-fats to your daily nutrition.

2. Exercise

Every time you do a workout, you burn more calories than in your passive moments. The more intensive workout the longer after workout your metabolism is higher. If you don't start eat more than earlier, your weight automatically reduces.

Although your nutrition is the prime tool in fat loss, you can not forget physical activity, because it gives strength, endurance, flexibility etc - a better physical and mental health as well. Without exercise your lost weight is easily lost of muscle and fluids, but not so much of fat.

A very important thing is get more or at least remain the present muscle mass and power. You can start your workouts at home with bodyweight exercises. Add the volume and intensity step-by-step.

Brisk walking is a good cardio workout if you are overweight and in a bad condition. Later it is better to use interval training to fat loss.

Stretching (static and dynamic) should be an essential part of your workouts and other daily life, too.

3. Mind

Stress is a destructive force not just in terms of a person's mental health but their physical well-being also. Cortisol (stress hormone) affects many different body systems and metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein, too. It is harmful to your fat loss/muscle building project. Get rid of any unnecessary stress.

Maintain a positive attitude: be tankful, believe in yourself and do not let negative people influence your thoughts.

4. Sleep

Lack of sleep causes 
the body physiological stress, 
raises levels of the hormone ghrelin
which makes you feel hungry.

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